Info & Rules

Hi There!

Welcome to Cryptonia, we've got some info here should you need any help as well as a couple of rules to keep everyone safe.


Cryptonia is a network of servers all connected together. When you try to join a server, we automatically start it up. This can mean you wait up to 30 seconds when trying to join a server (if no one else is already on it), but allows us to have the 60+ different servers we currently have.

Join Information

Java Players - Join using the IP: (if this doesn't work, try

Bedrock Players - Join using the IP with a port of 19132.

EDU Players - Join using the IP with a port of 19133.


Server chat is localised to the server you are on. If you want to send a message to everyone on the network - prefix your message with "/g".


We aren't overly strict at Cryptonia, however, we try our best to keep things PG - however, the occasional slip-up isn't the end-of-the-world either. Generally, our rules are common sense should prevail - so if a staff member asks you to do something/says something - that is final.

  1. Don't grief other players. This includes taking items out of chests or placing unwanted blocks in another player's build. Whether or not the build is claimed, this rule still applies.
  2. No harassment. Cryptonia is a safe space for people of all backgrounds. Targetting someone or constantly harassing them is not tolerated and will be dealt with promptly.
  3. No Racism and/or Hate Speech. Similar to above, let's keep this a fun place & not delve into politics and arguments.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated, hacked clients (as well as resource packs that modify block transparencies - e.g. x-ray) are not allowed on Cryptonia.