Cryptonia Rules

General Rules

  1. Lead by Example

Treat others as you would wish yourself to be treated. Personal attacks, bigotry, or any harassment will not be tolerated.


  1. No Advertisements

Please don’t post links to other servers, networks and forums without asking a moderator first.


  1. Family Friendly Content

Please keep content in public channels, for the most part, family friendly. This not only includes chat, but also usernames, skins, pictures, builds etc. If both parties are okay with it, private messages can be less-filtered, however please be mindful that moderators can see private messages in-game, and content should still be acceptable. We have no control over content sent via external channels.


  1. No Spamming

It’s annoying and no one wants to see it.


  1. No Personal Information

Never share someone else’s personal information without their consent. Even with consent (or your own information), think hard about why you are sharing this information - is it actually adding to the conversation? Once it is out on the internet, it is very hard to remove.


  1. Threats

No threats of any kind against another user or the server are allowed. This includes DDoS and ‘SWAT’ threats. You will be banned, and if we believe we need to, reported to relevant authorities.


  1. Staff Members

Do not impersonate or pose as staff members. They are volunteers, and are there to help and maintain the server. Please do not lie to them, there are logs, and you will eventually be caught out - it makes everyone’s lifes easier to tell the truth. If you do not agree with a staff member’s decision, please do not argue with them. If you really believe a decision was incorrect, ask a staff member in Discord if you can discuss the decision and we’ll provide a space where we can collaboratively discuss it and the reasons.


  1. Self Harm

In an effort to keep our community family friendly, do not encourage or glorify self-destructive behaviour or self harm. Please be mindful when discussing traumatic experiences, and ensure you do not inadvertently trigger others. If you need help, please reach out to a help line in your area.

Server Rules

  1. No Stealing

Taking items or drops from other players chest, farms, etc (even if not claimed!) is not allowed. Please ask for permission first (most people will happily share it round).


  1. No Griefing

Always request permission before altering another player’s builds. Claimed or not, all block changes are logged. You will be found. Whilst it something might seem like a harmless prank to you, another player may not take it the same way. This includes (but is not limited to) blocks, entities and liquids.


  1. PVP

On non-PVP focused servers, please be respectful and ask others before starting engaging in PVP with them.


  1. Client Modifications

Hacked clients are strictly prohibited. However, quality of life mods are accepted. In general these mods provide no competitive or game breaking advantages. Such mods include: Optifine, Sodium, Schematica/Litematica, Shaders, etc.


  1. Farms

All farms should be kept to a reasonable size, with capability to be disabled when not in use. Do not build always on and excessively large farms ‘because you can’. Figure out how much of a resource you need, and how often, and build to those criteria. Also consider if it might be worth making one large public farm, rather then multiple players making medium-sized farms which slow the server down.


  1. Micro Modding

Whilst pointing out the rules or community spirit to new players is okay, please don’t ‘micro-mod’ and take the place of a staff member. If you find someone hacking, harassing others or otherwise breaking the rules please message a staff member who’s online, or ping us on Discord.

Discord Rules

  1. No NSFW content

We are a safe, family-friendly community. If NSFW content is to be permitted in future we will clearly designate where, when and how the content is to be posted.


  1. Discord TOS

Follow Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.


  1. Follow Channel Guidelines

Most channels will have a channel topic. Please stay on topic, as it helps keep conversations organised and make it easier to understand what’s happening.


  1. Server Bots

Do not abuse server bots. They are there for everyone’s enjoyment. Please use them in the appropriate place, and as intended.

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